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TARPIPE – ( http://tarpipe.com )

Tarpipe developed a service that helps people and businesses manage their presence in multiple social networks more eficiently. It also allows the monitoring of those networks to search and alert for mentions to their name, company or brand.

The big diferentiation from other similar services (like ping.fm, ifttt or yahoo pipes) is the fact that Tarpipe allows for the creation and management of activity streams workflows. So much so that Tarpipe is actually being used inside SAP as a workflow tool but with custom conectors (to databases, RSS feeds, CRM systems, etc)

The company has a product that is being used by thousands of users and hundreds of paying customers.


SYSACTUM/ACTUMVET ( http://sysactum.pt/ and http://en.actumvet.net )

Sysactum has developed an application, delivered as SaaS, that allows veterinaries to manage their clinics in a simpler and easier way. The fact that it is a web-based applicaation, allowing access to the application from anywhere and with any platform (Windows, Mac Osx, Linux, Android, iOS, etc) is the big differentiation from our competitors which are usually Windows only solutions, physically located at the clinic.

The company has product running with a dozen paying customers.



FASHNPOLIS ( http://fashnpolis.com/ )

FashnPolis is a social network for fashion fans with an innovative business model. Besides the standard interactions of a social network (follow, like, comment, etc), the site allows users to post their pictures wearing their fashionstyle for that day.

Aditionally, and most importantly, when users upload their pictures, they are able to tag each piece of clothing and describe it. The tagging is used to connect each clothing item with an online store. This allows for other users to easily click on clothing items and buy them online. Fashpolis gest a comission on sales but it also provides a comission to the user who uploaded and tagged their picture.

The company has a running product with hundreds of users but, since it was launched last September, it doesnt have revenues yet. We need to achieve critical mass to be able to negotiate with online stores instead of just using GoogleShopping and AmazonAffiliate.



QUIRKAFLEEG ( http://quirkafleeg,pt/ and http://deusexmachina2.com/ )

Quirkafleeg has licensed the intellectual property of the game Deus Ex Machina (the first multimedia computer game and a reference on the European ZX Spectrum game industry of the early 80s) and is creating a remake, a new version.

The game is already at beta stage, now going into production. Script, soundtrack and assets are all done, gameplay still to be finished. The soundtrack includes Sir Christopher Lee as the narrator and portuguese celebrity actor Joaquim de Almeida as the bad guy.

Both Mac and PC versions should be out in February 2013, followed closely by smartphone and tablet plataforms. Depending on the success of the game, we will consider launching console versions.



BUNDLR ( http://www.bundlr.com/ )

Bundlr has created a tool with the same name that sits squarely in the currently hot content curation area.

The tool allows for the management of digital content in an easy way. The user creates bundles of information to which he can add items as he visits other websites. This is done either through a bookmarklet or a browser extension. The type of site is detected and the tool is able to extract the relevant pieces of information (if the user is on YouTube that would be the video; on Flickr the image; on Twitter the twit itself; on less relevant sites that would the whole page or the selected pieces of text and images)

The product was launched recently, users are ramping up, there’s no revenue. Actually there’s no clear business model right now, we’re looking for one. But the fact that competitors like Storify are getting big attention and the fact that most articles about content curation always mentions Bundlr with our competitors (Scoop.it, Storify, Pearltree) makes it clear for us that one will be found.


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NOMEN LUDI ( http://nomen-ludi.pt/ )

Tablet and smartphone game development.









CLEVERPRINT ( http://www.clever-print.pt/ )

A Clever Print oferece ao mercado factores diferenciadores como a inovação, adaptabilidade e gestão de Sistemas de Informação, actuando no mercado da Indústria Gráfica. Concebemos, desenvolvemos e implementamos Sistemas de Informação, com elevados padrões de qualidade, que colmatem as necessidades dos clientes e superem expectativas.


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