Portuguese fund management company Maverick SGPS and the SeedCapital SGPS fund announce that Tarpipe, one of their 2010 investments, has been acquired by Nubera.


During the WebSummit event on October 17th, Nubera, a company focused on the discovery and integration of cloud apps, has announced that it has acquired Tarpipe, a portuguese company which was a part of the SeedCapital SGPS investors fund portfolio. Nubera will be integrating Tarpipe’s technology into its CloudWork service.


Tarpipe was founded by Bruno Pedro and Vitor Rodrigues in 2008 and received its seed round investment from SeedCapital in the beginning of 2010. Over the last two years, Tarpipe has grown to more than 25,000 users and has been helping companies successfully integrate and automate more than five million tasks associated with cloud apps through its service.


Mário Valente, general partner at Maverick and entrepreneur in residence at SeedCapital said that “we are very proud of our first exit and proud of having contributed in a small part to the success of Tarpipe”.


“We we’re lucky enough to invest in a company with an excellent technology product and a brilliant hardworking team” he added. “The hard work of Bruno Pedro and Vitor Rodrigues, founders of Tarpipe, was the major component of the service’s success”.


The acquisition of Tarpipe is a milestone for SeedCapital SGPS and the result of a three year period of investments. Currently SeedCapital’s portfolio is composed of aditional portuguese companies such as Fashnpolis (a social network for fashion people), Bundlr (a content curation platform) and ActumVet (a SaaS offer for veterinary clinic management).


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